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I've created this website because I have finally developed what the bookies fear most, a complex mathematical formula that predicts with an amazing 80% accuracy. I'm sure that I have your attention now so i'm going to ask that you take 10 more minutes and read my life story below !

Who Am I ?

Gareth Henderson
I'm a former Financial Analyst and math prodigy (I love numbers) ! Let me tell you more about myself and how I can help you. Read Below !

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Bet Type
02-06-2023 Nykobing - Fredericia Over 3.5 Win
01-06-2023 Levanger - Kristiansund Kristiansund Win
31-05-2023 Urawa - Hiroshima Both To Score Win
30-05-2023 Cagliari - Parma Both To Score Win
29-05-2023 Jerv - Hodd Hodd +0.5 AH Loss
29-05-2023 Kristiansund - Skeid `super easy` Over 3.5 Win
28-05-2023 Volendam - Excelsior Volendam Win
27-05-2023 Rennes - Monaco Under 3 Win
27-05-2023 Huesca - Eibar `super easy` Eibar Win
26-05-2023 Hobro - Koge Over 2.5 Loss
25-05-2023 Man United - Chelsea Man United Win
24-05-2023 Djurgarden - Hacken Djurgarden 0 AH Win
23-05-2023 Karmiotissa - Anorthosis Anorthosis Win
22-05-2023 Tondela - Porto B Porto B 0 AH Win
21-05-2023 West Ham - Leeds Over 2.5 Win
21-05-2023 Auxerre - Paris SG `super easy` Both To Score Win
20-05-2023 Guingamp - Metz Guingamp +0.5 AH Win
19-05-2023 Kisvarda - Vasas Under 2.5 Loss
18-05-2023 Hvidovre - Sonderjyske Both To Score Win
17-05-2023 Nea Salamis - Paralimni Over 2.5 Win
16-05-2023 Sogndal - Hodd Sogndal Win
15-05-2023 Doxa - Chloraka Both To Score Win
14-05-2023 Celta Vigo - Valencia Under 2.5 Loss
13-05-2023 Villarreal - Ath. Bilbao Over 2.5 Win
13-05-2023 St. Pauli - Dusseldorf `super easy` Under 2.5 Win
12-05-2023 Maastricht - Telstar Maastricht 0 AH Win
12-05-2023 Burgos CF - Leganes `super easy` Leganes 0 AH Win
11-05-2023 Juventus - Sevilla Sevilla +0.5 AH Win
10-05-2023 Poli Iasi - Steaua Both To Score Win
09-05-2023 Seoul - Gwangju FC Both To Score Win
08-05-2023 Harrogate - Rochdale Rochdale +0.5 AH Win

Super Easy Win Plan

Starting today, the 2 Super Easy Win Tips Plan is live ! Until now, only a few special High-Roller customers of mine have had secret access to this plan. But I've realized that there are a lot of experienced bettors out there, who are searching for top information, so I decided to make this available for the general public. I do not recommend this for beginners, this is only for experienced bettors.

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Tired of always making deposits into your bookies account, instead of withdraws?

Limited Time Only: Mathematician Reveals The Secret Behind A Football Betting Formula So Powerful - It Accurately Predicts 80% Of All Match Outcomes

Read below to see how easy it is to start winning 8 out of 10 football bets you place, with no limit, for the rest of your life...

Dear Friend,

Every piece of football betting advice, every "hot" tip, and every scrap of insider information you've ever received... will guarantee that you LOSE at least €10,000 over the course of your lifetime...

That's because no matter how much you trust the person giving you this information, it is statistically impossible for them to predict the outcome of these matches. They may think they have some bulletproof strategy, or that the tip they are giving you is the surest thing of the century... but much more often than not, they are DEAD WRONG.

Which means you'll just keep losing...

And while that may sound harsh, you already know it's true. If it wasn't, you wouldn't be visiting this site, you'd be outside with your family, swimming in your heated pool, or taking your girlfriend shopping (because you know what a new purse may get you around bedtime), or living in a 47th story hotel suite in Monaco, or Las Vegas, or Macaw.

So the fact that you ARE here shows me that you AREN'T where you want to be in your life...You're frustrated about losing more money than you win, of seeing cash exit your bank account after almost every match, and always telling that same story to your friends and family of how "I should have won, but then the strangest thing happened..."

But hope is just around the corner...

In the next two minutes I will PROVE to you without a shadow of a doubt just how simple it is make more than €25,000 per year from the comfort of your own newly furnished home, or while drinking at a pub with your mates, or while vacationing in Miami...

You'll also find out why a complex mathematical formula that took me more than five years to develop - that others would KILL to get their hands on - can be the instant trigger that increases your winning percentage by as much as 80%...

Because the truth is that no advice, tips, or guru's wisdom will ever transform you from a permanent loser to an 8 out of 10 time winner...

But mathematics will.

I have never seen anything like this. In my first two weeks, using your formula, I have won 83% of my bets for a 26,700 euros haul. Seriously, I didn't pass 6th grade math class, but this is such an easy solution. I'm so thankful I found your site, and that you were still accepting new clients.
- Thomas. Dundalk, Ireland.

My name is Gareth Henderson, and since I could walk I've been obsessed with only two things: Football and Numbers. In my past life, as a financial analyst for one of the largest banks in the world, I played with statistics all day long.

My obsession with math paid me well, but there was a problem:

I HATED what I was doing.

Yes I love numbers, but I didn't love crunching them for someone else. My job had me working 12 hours per day, constantly kissing the asses of my superiors, and slaving over ways to make some faceless CEO millions of euros.

Which brings us to football...

I've always loved the sport, ever since a child. And when I wasn't working feverish hours at my job I was watching all the matches I could - and betting on every single one. There were days when I'd have a big win, but 80% of the time I lost BIG...

Have You Ever Heard The Expression "Robbing Peter To Pay Paul"?

That's what I was doing: making over €20,000 per month in my day job, and then flushing between €10k and €15k down the drain with my football betting. It got so bad that I was seriously considering giving it up. Because of my football losses, money was always tight...

Will I have enough to cover the rent, the electric bill, the auto payments?... Or to pay down my credit cards?

These are the questions I found myself constantly asking... Most of the months the answer was "barely yes," but some months it was "NO." I had to borrow money, or apply for yet another interest-laden credit card, just to stay afloat...

If you've ever felt that gut-wrenching sense of fear, where your stomach drops, and you realize that you simply don't have enough money to pay for what you or your family needs...

Or you've been filled with shame, because somewhere in your heart you can't help but blame yourself and your own actions for the €5,000 in your bank account when it should be €15,000...

I know exactly how you feel.

So How Did I Go From Losing 80% Of The Time To WINNING 80% Of The Time?

The same way that you can: Math. And don't worry, you don't even need to own a calculator, or be able to count to 15. I'll explain in just a second...

You see, mathematics is the only proven way to predict an outcome. It's how engineers build bridges, how satellites launch into outer space, and how we can calculate the distance between planet Earth and the most distant stars in the universe...

And when I realized all of this, that math can predict virtually anything with at least a 80% certainty... I immediately set out to create a plug-and-play formula that could be applied to my football betting.

It wasn't easy... Hell, it took Einstein more than 15 years to come up with the equation E = mc2...

And that just takes into account 3 factors. In football betting, there are TENS OF THOUSANDS of variables. Every single thing you see (and thousands that you don't) during the course of a football season, comes together to influence the outcome of any single match...

secret formula

Caption: A Blurred Out Picture Of My Original, Hand-Written Formula...

And it was only by painstakingly, and methodically researching, analyzing, and categorizing over 15,000 of these variables... And then building a complex computer algorithm that could process all of them, and translate them into a simple output like "win," "lose," or "draw"...

That I was finally able to completely turn my football betting around by 180 degrees... Winning on 8 out of 10 bets I placed, making thousands of euros, and earning my freedom by walking out the doors of my corporate office, boxes in a cart, and resignation papers in hand...

Today You Have The Opportunity To Leverage My Exact Same Formula, Becoming A Consistent, Day After Day Winner For 80% Or More Of Your Football Bets...

Now I'm not going to give you my formula, or access to my computer algorithm...One of the largest sports books in the world recently offered me €275,000 for the same privilege and I denied them flat out without batting an eyelash.

But for a small window of days, I am going to wedge open the golden gates and let a tiny group of deserving football fanatics inside my private world.

Of the hundreds of outcomes my program predicts everyday, you will receive the top 1% - as measured in terms of accuracy and earning potential. And to get started, all you have to do is sign up right now, using one of the two big buttons below.

Tell Me How Many Extremely Accurate Betting Tips You Want By Choosing One Of The Two Options Below Now:

Choose The 2 Easy Wins Plan, and I'll email you my top pick, determined by calculating more than 15,000 unique variables, for each of the next two days....

Choose The 31 Easy Wins Plan, and you will lock in a full 31 days of highly accurate football picks - one for each day. Remember that these picks are the best of the best, the ones that make you a winner at least 80% of the time. That means if you were to wager €500 per day for the next 30 days, you'd be looking at a solid €12,000 in your bank account by the end of the month.

Please remember that I am only opening up this no-holds-barred access to my computer algorithm for a brief period of time.

If you return to this page tomorrow, or in a few days, and see that it says "CLOSED" above the packages, you will no longer be able to become my client...

And also please remember that while EVERY OTHER tipster site, or forum, or subscription service determines who they think will win a match, or what the spread will be, or what the over/under will be based on hearsay, word-of-mouth, or match history...

You'll be getting winners based on cold, hard, and emotionless MATH. The bets you make will be chosen based on the same process that put a man on the moon, determined how gravity works, and turned investors like Warren Buffet into billionaires...

So if you're reading this and one of the limited spots are still available, you have only days, or a few hours left. Act now and experience the way it feels to be a winner.

Make The Right Choice Now By Selecting One Of The Options Below, And Get Emailed A Winner Tomorrow. Time Is Running Out...


P.S. You take risks every single day when you bet on football matches. So why not finally reduce that risk by becoming one of my clients. Even if you currently win 50% of your bets (which I guarantee that you don't), and my formula allows you to win 80% of the time (which it can), you've reduced your total risk of failure by 30%. Bring certainty to your life now, by choosing either the 2 Easy Wins Plan or the 31 Easy Wins Plan immediately.


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